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A few of our members and friends joined us one weekend as we searched for Tennessee's most haunted locations. Jonesborough. TN came up in our search more than once. The Appalachian Ghost Walk offers a lantern lit tour, so we hooked up with a wonderful storyteller and saw this old town at night. After the tour we returned by ourselves with dowsing rods, EMF meters, digital voice recorders, cameras and IR camcorders to attempt communicating with the spirits. Our favorite spot turned out to be the Old Tannery. We weren't disappointed. Without a doubt we expected to capture a few "orbs" - which we did; we also figured we'd have some fun with the dowsing rods (we did) but we didn't fully expect to get a genuine EVP or two ....or how about 7 EVP's? And the unexplainable voices ranged from very young child to adult, from male to possible female, from "nice" to what sounds like "evil". That is what we call awesome! AND these voices responded to and interfaced with our questions. Keep in mind, we were asking questions with the Dowsing Rods, focusing on yes or no responses via the rods, not so much conducting a formal EVP session where we sit quietly with voice recorders doing a question/answer type of format. You can imagine how delightfully surprised we were when we reviewed our footage and discovered so much possible paranormal phenomena.These mysterious voices came in between our conversations AND in response to the questions we were asking aloud while dowsing. We have two videos up on our main website : http:www/ which features a video with all the EVP's and one which summarizes our experience there.

Since Jonesborough was once listed on the Travel Channel as one of the Top Ten Most Haunted Towns in America and is one of the oldest American towns, established in 1779, is it any wonder SO MANY spirits remain? It seems haunted enough for author Charles Edwin Price to write a book about it - titled Haunted Jonesborough. It is very likely to be a chapter in one of my upcoming book titles. But for now, you be the judge after reviewing our video's - or visit for yourself. Then come back and tell me, do you think Jonesborough, TN is really haunted?

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