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Moon Phases & Weather Effects on the Paranormal


Moon Phases & Weather Effects on the Paranormal. Statistics show that during a full moon hospital activity increases greatly, elderly patients become restless & agitated, children seem to act out & become more hyper, patients with mental illness & personality disorders seem to display erratic mood swings. People act out their aggressions more during a full moon, in fact the term "lunatic" stems from the word "lunar". Do the moon phases or weather have an impact on spirits?
Obviously weather & atmospheric conditions can influence paranormal investigating by the amount of lighting giving the investigator an advantage during full moons, if we are to believe that magnetic fields are the strongest on the days around the Full & New moon cycles & spirit activity may be more prominent during these times; and/or ghosts somehow use electrical energy to manifest & communicate then we should ask the question: What is the best haunting weather? It is popular belief that a good time to ghost hunt is 2-3 days prior; the day of; or 2-3 days after a full moon & new moon. The best times for ghost hunting would also be during peak geomagnetic fields & solar storms. Also during the colder months electrostatic energy is at it's highest. These months are October through February. To be accurate, paranormal researchers must monitor the elements prior to conducting investigations; Establish a base reading of a location & record the results. Consider moisture & temperature extremes. It has been noted that a few hours after a thunder storm is also a great time to hunt ghosts. But after a thunder storm moisture in the air can create anomalies in pictures that may confuse the investigator. *As we research the paranormal we will challenge how/if moon phases & weather impacts paranormal activity. Of course when conducting an investigation weather should always be considered in more ways than one, as temperatures & moisture can cause false positives in filming, photography & recording with other devices.
While it is my belief that paranormal activity occurs every day, regardless of weather, there may be an increase in paranormal activity during geomagnetic storms & phases of the moon.

Psychics & the Paranormal:
While we believe that most, if not all people, have meta-senses, or sixth senses, the average person does not train themselves & learn to use these gifts. Many investigators of the spirit-world claim to have psychic abilities. It is up to the group, or the individual to employ the use of psychics/mediums/sensitives. It also appears that as most investigators journey into this realm of study, they attain a higher level of awareness, either unconsciously or deliberately. I see it happen a lot. There is a common theory that "psychic tendencies" increase during new & full moons. As a paranormal investigator - or as a group researching haunted places, your sensitivity to perceived paranormal phenomena may increase during peak geomagnetic times/moon phases.It would be worth testing the theory by re-visiting locations you are familiar with & compare the results, compare YOUR sensitivity to any paranormal event against the moon phases.
Reach out to the spirits, & see if they reach back.
Note: We have visited one popular hot spot in Knoxville at least 4 times over the past year and a half. We used this location as one of our tests. Returning to Copper Ridge Rd a few hours after a storm & 3 days after a New Moon because we had success capturing an EVP there more than 1 year earlier. We captured another EVP during this past trip under the new moon phase. Coincidence? We're not sure.

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